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Two kids getting help with their homework

Do You Think Your Child Needs a Tutor?

The scene is played out in homes all around town. A showdown—day after day, mom or dad vs. a child. Homework papers sprawled on the table in front of them, heads in hands, tears, frustration and confusion. Many times parents… read more

Girl smiling and posing

Why Boosting Self-Esteem in Our Preschoolers is Vital

For preschoolers, developing positive self-esteem traits can make a huge impact in their lives, improving attitude, behavior and mental health. Self-esteem is defined as “confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect,” according to Boosting self-esteem in our preschoolers… read more

Mother homeschooling daughter while sitting at desk with laptop

How Can I Homeschool With a New Baby?

You made the decision to homeschool, went to the conferences, bought the curricula, and figured out how to make it work for your family. You even found a local co-op to help provide that much-needed adult interaction and support for… read more

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