Shadow of an arm pointing at a girl's stomach

How to Manage Body Image in Tweens

Being a tween and teen is a rollercoaster of hormones, emotions and drama. One of the biggest hurdles they face can be related to body image. Social media doesn’t help — with so many messages being about the “ideal” body… read more

Child touching a globe

How to Make Civics Fun

As we enter a new election season (which seems to last for years these days), civics education is at the is at the forefront of our conversations. Homeschoolers stereotypically (but truly) love to take advantage of real-world situations and turn… read more

Boy wearing headphones playing on computer

Is Discord Safe for My Child?

Discord, a new app on the scene, has exploded in popularity as a way for teens to connect through an online platform. But with every new social media program, we as parents have to ask whether or not it is… read more

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