Mother homeschooling daughter while sitting at desk with laptop

How Can I Homeschool With a New Baby?

You made the decision to homeschool, went to the conferences, bought the curricula, and figured out how to make it work for your family. You even found a local co-op to help provide that much-needed adult interaction and support for… read more

Baby with a smash cake

Smash Cake With a Healthy Twist

It is the center of one of the most beloved first birthday photos… the smash cake. A miniature version of their bigger birthday cake, this pint size sweet treat is traditionally created for a serving of one — the birthday… read more

Dad with son on his shoulders

8 Tips for First Time Dads

There can be a lot of trepidation and anxiety for new fathers, especially for those who have never been around babies. But rather than let the fear win, new dads should look forward to the experience and embrace each passing… read more

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