Chris Wilson

Dad working outside with two sons

Green DIY Projects With Dad

For most Dads, those weekend “honey-do” lists are sometimes quite long. This spring, enlist the help of the kids and turn your home into a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly “green” home. Here are some DIY Dad projects that the kids… read more

Dad with son on his shoulders

8 Tips for First Time Dads

There can be a lot of trepidation and anxiety for new fathers, especially for those who have never been around babies. But rather than let the fear win, new dads should look forward to the experience and embrace each passing… read more

Dad teaching son camping safety

10 Camping Safety Tips

A peaceful night of stargazing around a gently popping camp-fire sounds like an excellent way to regroup with the ones you love. There's a lot of planning involved in engineering a family camping trip. But whether it's a camp out,… read more