#ParentHacks: How do you get your kids to help clean the house?

By Giggle Magazine
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We all know that the hardest job you can have is being a parent! The days are definitely long and the years are astonishingly short. Some days you might feel like you’re going through the struggles alone. But, we are here to share some tips and tricks from local parents that can make being a mom or dad a little less stressful! Here are some #ParentHacks for how to get your kids to help you clean the house.


Girl sitting on floor with a serious look

“Well, last night it was being grounded.”

– Missy Davenport

“Get a puppy! ‘Clean up or your toys get eaten’ is very motivating. (Just kidding, this is a terrible hack.”

– Autumn Rhodes

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Timer on wooden table

“I sometimes choose the toy she is currently interested in and ask them if they can help me with my missions. They almost always agree. “Bo Peep, our mission is to clean up the Legos as fast as possible. I’ll count to see how long it will take you. Go!” Those stuffed animals work their tails off.”

– Erinina Lapointe

“I always say nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest. With three kids, we have many unexpected guests! If they want to have their friends over, they need to help clean up.”

– Randi Woodard

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Hands holding a dollar bill

“It’s part of their chores they earn allowance from, so if they don’t clean, then no allowance.”

– Meghan Henehan

“Our kiddos have chore charts/ screen rules to complete daily/ weekly, and they get weekly allowance on their Greenlight cards, and daily time on electronics when completed. There’s definitely days we have to bribe them with a treat or whatever… but if it gets the job done, I’m not opposed to the bribery. For one of their chores though, we have mop socks that they wear, and they dance around the floor as I spray it.”

– Carrie Groves

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