Must-Have Summer Camp Supplies for a Great Camp Experience

By Kelly Goede
Boy using camera outside at summer camp

When summer rolls around, it’s time to kick back, take a break from homework and just enjoy being a kid. Summer day camps are a wonderful way to allow your child to play with their friends and meet new ones. They can also create amazing experiences, learn new skills and just have fun. And with a little parental forethought and preparation, your child will have a fabulous time at day camp creating a summer full of memories. And, they will be ready to dive back into school in the fall. With that being said, here are some must-have summer camp supplies for your child!

Hydration is key during our hot Florida summers!

Make sure to pack a full water bottle each day, encouraging your child to drink whenever possible.

Water bottle image

Owala Kids Water Bottle

Camp is supposed to be fun and messy.

Sending along a change of clothes, a towel, even extra socks and shoes will help your child remember that a spoiled outfit isn’t the end of the world.

Bug spray is essential in Florida.

Although, some camps have different requirements for what type is allowed. For young children, alternatives to DEET exist and work nearly as well. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus is almost entirely natural and works as well as DEET, up to six hours. No need to ruin a camp day with mosquito bites and the threat of Lyme disease from a tick bite. Add bug spray to your summer camp supply list.

Bug spray image

Plant-Based bug Repellent

Sunscreen is a necessity.

Sunscreen seems like a no-brainer when we visit the beach. But the daily exposure during camp warrants a good slathering each morning before you leave home. If the camp allows, you can even send along some sunscreen with your child, encouraging him to reapply mid-day.

A healthy and yummy lunch will restore your child’s energy

It will also make sure she has the fuel she needs to get the most out of her camp experience. Pack it in a durable lunch bag with extra ice packs to keep it cool. Florida summers are hot and your child’s lunch may not be stored in a refrigerator.

Don’t forget medicine.

If your child has food allergies, or other serious environmental allergies, be sure to send along their medicines, including an epi-pen if needed. Even if you have indicated on your child’s registration form that they have allergies, be sure to mention it to the folks who will be working directly with your child. Having your child wear an allergy bracelet is a great reminder for the staff. Time is of the essence in treating an allergic reaction. Keeping camp staff informed would allow them to react quickly in the event of an allergic emergency.

A child’s time at day camp may be fraught with excitement and anticipation, as they try new activities and meets new friends. Spend some time talking with your child in the days before camp starts to reassure them and get excited together about all the fun things they will experience. And, don’t forget to pack their essential summer camp supplies!

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