Fun Summer Reads For Children of All Ages

By Trace Ferguson
Little boy with fake glasses reading

As a parent, you don’t want your kids to be bored over summer break. You also don’t want their boredom to lead to reading loss, which can happen when your child does not read for a few months. To help encourage your kids to read over their vacation, I’ve compiled a list of fun summer reads that are sure entertain a child of any age (kiddies included)!

Ages 0–2

Dragon book cover

My Lucky Little Dragon

By Joyce Wan

This book is full of fun animals and their characteristics such as a “happy little horsey,” or a “brave little tiger.” This is a great bed time story to read to your little ones!

Peak a Who image

Peek-a Who!

By Nina Laden

The “Peek-a Who” book set has lively rhymes and uses colorful pictures to help children guess what vehicle is peeking through the die-cut windows

Ages 3–5

Dragons love tacos image

Dragons Love Tacos and the Sequel

By Adam Rubin

If you want to lure dragons to your party, you will need tacos! But, be careful not to give them any salsa! These two books are cute reads for any kid.

Book cover

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

By Emily Winfield Martin

This fun summer read illustrates all the potential that is in a single child. It beautifully expresses all the loving things that parents feel about their children.

Ages 6­–8

She Persisted cover

She Persisted

By Chelsea Clinton

This book shares the stories of 13 historical women who fiercely pursued their goals despite all odds. This is an inspirational read for all daughters.

CatStronauts cover

CatStronauts: Mission Moon

By Drew Brockington

A darkness due to a global energy shortage engulfed the world. Someone needs to go to the moon to set up a solar power plant. Can the Catstronauts save the world?

Ages 9–12

Real Friends cover

Real Friends

By Shannon Hale

Shannon and Adrienne were best friends all their life. A few years later, Adrienne starts hanging out with Jen, who is the most popular girl in class. Everyone wants to be Jen’s best friend, and some girls will even bully others if it means getting close to Jen. It all caught Shannon in the middle. How will she find real friends?

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

By Kelly Barnhill

This book is about a young girl named Luna who was accidentally given magical powers. She lives in a forest with Xan, the witch that raised her. The witch is peaceful, but the neighboring village people believe she is evil. A young man from the village wants to kill the witch to protect his people, but Xan is far away and Luna remains in the forest. It is up to Luna to protect herself and all she has ever known!

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