DIY Advent Calendar Trees

By Giggle Magazine
Blue paper cones with numbers on them on wood background

The Christmas countdown has begun! Our easy and festive DIY advent calendar trees are a fun way to add a special personal touch to the holiday season.

Create a Christmas tree countdown

Start by gluing festive craft paper, found at any local craft store, into the shape of cones. Decorate with glitter, beads, sequins or stickers. Hide little pieces of candy underneath the numbered cone trees. Lift one cone each day to build the anticipation for Christmas to arrive. This winter wonderland theme provides the perfect amount of holiday shimmer and cheer.

Hide a little treat beneath each tree!

Decorate a tree with mini advent calendar boxes!

To begin this fun tradition, fill each box with jewelry, candy or a small trinket and give your child one present each day until Christmas arrives. This DIY advent calendar tree will make every day fun!

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