Bath Safety Methods to Protect Your Little Ones

By Taylor Dixon
Child in bath tub

For parents, the bathtub can turn into a high hazard zone. From ferocious faucet heads to slippery surfaces, bathing babies can be a dangerous chore. While bath time may seem like a pit and pendulum scenario right now, we have the perfect bath safety methods to keep your little ones safe.

Never Leave Your Child Unattended

This is the golden rule of bath safety and cannot be stressed enough for parents. While this seems like common sense, it happens more often than it should. Don’t fall victim to everyday distractions like answering the phone or the door. Make sure nothing is on the stove and that you have everything you need before filling the bathtub, including your cell phone. If you must leave the bathroom for any reason, have a towel ready to scoop up your little one to take with you.

Prevent Bumps, Slips and Falls

While you might nag your children to stay seated in the tub, they may not always comply. Place non-skid decals or a rubber mat inside the tub to prevent slipping. Remember to also dry the floor and your child’s feet to prevent post-bath slips. Consider buying a faucet cover to protect your child’s head from bumping into the spout. They come in many cute designs!

Adjust Your Hot Water Heater

It only takes a few seconds for a child to be severely burned by scalding water. Make sure the spout is covered, or teach your child never to touch it. Adjust your hot water heater so that the temperature is set below 120 degrees, or install an anti-scald valve to prevent bath water from becoming too hot. Retailers also sell devices like rubber ducks that warn you when bath water is too hot for your little one.

Avoid Other Injuries

Clear the bath area of dangerous items such as razors and mouth-size objects. Make sure no electrical appliances are plugged in near or in reach of children. This includes hairdryers, curling irons and radios. You should also consider removing your own bath and beauty products from the tub area such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and shaving cream.

Ensure Bath Toys are Clean and Fun

Every child loves playing in the tub, but the purpose of a bath is to be clean. Make sure these toys remain germ- free. Avoid spongy, porous or wooden toys as they tend to retain moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Squeeze out all water, rinse thoroughly and air dry until all surfaces are dry. If you have a dishwasher, run the toys through once or twice a week.

To get a deeper clean, consider cleaning toys with bleach about every two weeks. For each gallon of water, use one tablespoon of liquid bleach, and let toys soak for two minutes and air dry without rinsing with water. For squeezing and squirting toys, rinse thoroughly several times before air drying.

Here are a few products we recommend for making bath time more than just a chore but a safe and special time to share with your children.

Our Picks

Bath Spout Cover

Bath spout cover Amazon image

Protect little noggins! Use a Moby Bath Spout Cover in fun shapes and colors that can protect a baby’s head from bumping the tub spout.

Safety Bath Ducky

Amazon ducky image

It’s hot hot hot! A Safety Bath Ducky with a safety indicator on the bottom is useful to parents so only the Ducky needs to tell you when its bottom is too hot for the little bathers.

Baby Bath Kneeler

Bath time kneeler from Amazon

This easy kneeler protects both your knees and your child by providing comfortable floor padding and storage to keep shampoo and soap out of reach.

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