Tracy Wright

Girl smiling and posing

Why Boosting Self-Esteem in Our Preschoolers is Vital

For preschoolers, developing positive self-esteem traits can make a huge impact in their lives, improving attitude, behavior and mental health. Self-esteem is defined as “confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect,” according to Boosting self-esteem in our preschoolers… read more

Shadow of an arm pointing at a girl's stomach

How to Manage Body Image in Tweens

Being a tween and teen is a rollercoaster of hormones, emotions and drama. One of the biggest hurdles they face can be related to body image. Social media doesn’t help — with so many messages being about the “ideal” body… read more

Doctor looking at baby's ear

Can Ear Tubes Help My Toddler?

We’ve all had kids with ear infections—the pain, high fever and lethargy are awful for toddlers and parents! Unfortunately, some kids are just more prone to getting frequent infections, which can be awfully uncomfortable for toddlers, and even worse, cause… read more